Monday, October 27, 2008

Carbon Footprint Eco Friendly Home Can Be Yours

Carbon Footprint
Eco Friendly Home Can Be Yours


The next few years are going to be tough for a lot of the people in the modern western world and we are going have to take the lead in the way we use energy more efficiently. At present we are burning up are fossil fuel reserves like there is no tomorrow and we should be planning to a better way of life for us and our children.

Reduce Your Carbon-Footprint

Renewable energy is the key to our survival and although a lot of people believe in the new safer nuclear reactors the upshot is they put off a problem of dealing with the waste for future generations.

We need to invest in building more energy efficient homes with solar panels and also with the use of wind turbines. These homes would able us to survive power cuts. With the current reserves of electricity within the UK for example we used to have 20% reserve electricity power generation at present we have almost none and depend heavily on the French to supply us in the event of an emergency.

Eco Your home

There is also the problem that recently that the energy companies are dependent on shareholders because of this they are subject to being to take over and therefore would also put the shareholders first over customers. We need to equip our homes with solar power to provide us with heating of our homes with the relative warm climate we enjoy.

Wind power would also be a great advantage if we can supply even a fraction of the percentage energy we use in our homes. This energy even a small amount would allow us to power to run for an example a fridge which if it could sustain the fridge over a blackout would save vital food from going off.

Go Green Today

Solar power technology has increased its efficiency in recent times and now we can often see road signs powered by solar power cells. Solar panels are becoming more relatively cheap and finding that all new developments should be looking to use this technology to increase our homes value in terms of being eco - friendly.

Reducing our carbon footprint is essential for making our environment a better place to live it is incredibly selfish for us to just to live for ourselves and not think of our future generations.
Making local wind farms are going to be a great method of reducing and using one of the earth’s greatest natural renewable energy. It is always possible for us to reduce our energy wastage and improve our lifestyle I always think of how when I visit parts of the world like some parts of Australia that how clean the air is and how lucky they are to have a better climate.

Live Eco Friendly

Where I currently reside there is are shipments of scrap metal at the port where I live and that produces metal dust in the air so from this we have a large amount of bad cases of lung problems. If we used energy more efficiently and there was legislation to force us to do something about these problems we would all enjoy a better climate.

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